We all go through challenging, dark times. But when does a low mood reach a clinical level? When one experiences near or total loss of enjoyment in everyday living, has trouble sleeping and concentrating, when energy levels are low, when the promise of tomorrow seems lost, depression may explain what is going on. Sometimes, we understand the cause of depression, as some circumstance or situation has led one to a painful, bleak phase of life. But often there is no obvious reason why one feels depressed: it is just there; a sense of hopelessness, worthlessness, and an inability to experience even simple pleasures.

Whatever the origin of one’s depression, counseling plays an important—even critical—role in helping clients find stability and happiness again. While medication may be necessary to help some regain control over their mood, studies definitively show that psychotherapy supports and enhances the effect of pharmacological interventions. Heritage Counseling offers a safe space to explore and address the biological or psychological roots of one’s depression.

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