Divorce Counseling

Divorce is a life-changing event that impacts the entire family. Dealing with the financial, social, spiritual, and emotional aspects can be daunting and take a toll. For adults it’s important to work through each hurdle and frequently check in on your own emotional well-being. When children are involved, it is important to consult a professional to discuss how to bring up and talk to your children about divorce in a developmentally appropriate way. There is no easy way to talk to your children about divorce; however, there are specific things to avoid saying and doing in order to help them adjust to the coming changes. Disclosing too little too early leaves children with many unanswered questions and allows their minds to drift off into a cycle of rumination of irrational thoughts, often time catastrophizing the situation. Often children feel responsible for the divorce and can become depressed. If you are struggling emotionally with the divorce, it is wise to seek help for yourself first. Many parents will put off their own care and place the child’s wellbeing above their own. Do remember it has been said children cannot function at a higher emotional level than their parents. Taking care of yourself will allow you to better care for the emotional needs of your children.

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