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Dr. Forsythe has been in private practice since 1997. He sees patients from adolescents (13 and older) to older adults for medication management of a broad range of mental disorders, such as, attention-deficit, attention-deficit with hyperactivity, major depression, bipolar, panic disorders, social anxiety, general anxiety and some substance abuse issues.

Dr. Forsythe believes in a whole-person approach to patient care. He believes therapy, medication, diet, exercise and personal goals are all integral parts of a person's mental and over-all health.

He is also excited to offer cutting edge treatments like Neurostar TMS Therapy, a non-systemic treatment for depression and GeneSightRx testing, a program that tailors medication treatments to the individual and offers clinicians insight to better understand how patients may metabolize or respond to medication prescribed to them.

Dallas Psychiatric and TMS Center is centrally located in the Uptown/Oak Lawn/Highland Park area and is convenient to downtown Dallas. Dr. Forsythe is the first offer NeuroStar TMS as an alternative to antidepressant medication for treating depression in these communities.

Dr. Brian C. Forsythe was born in Glendale, California. His family moved to Texas when he was young and he was raised in the DFW area. Dr. Forsythe is a board certified Doctor of Osteopathy. He received his BS in Chemistry from Baylor University, his Doctor of Osteopathy from the University of North Texas Health Science Center and his degree in Psychiatry from University of Texas at Southwestern. He has experience in inpatient psychiatric care (Timberlawn Hospital) and emergent psychiatric care (Parkland Hospital).

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• Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 
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• Addiction • Addiction
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