Parenting is no easy task. One cannot prepare an individual for the challenges parenting will bring. With all the parenting and self-help books out there the task can seem overwhelming. Remember, there is no perfect way to parent. Parenting is somewhat of an individual journey one must take using ones experiences of the past and knowledge of today. What worked for one generation will need restructuring to work effectively with another. Above all else a parent must be consistent with a child. This does not mean a parent must be rigidly consistent with all subsequent children. Each child will present his/her own issues and the approach will likely have to be adapted for each child. What worked for one child will not always work for the next. Ultimately a parent’s number one duty is to provide a safe, loving, dependable environment while imparting a sense of right and wrong and teaching children to make smart, healthy, and safe choices. Heritage Counseling offers parenting sessions for those with children between the ages of 4-12. Additionally, parent consults provide an opportunity for the counselor to help guide parents in how better to interact and communicate with their own individual children.

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