Psycho Educational Evaluation

A Psychoeducational Evaluation is a formal assessment of learning processes that are essential to smooth learning, memory, and focus. The instruments include a battery of tests and procedures, including a standardized cognitive abilities test, individually-administered diagnostic achievement and ability measures, and assessments of processing and retrieval skills.

Common academic issues include:
• Early speech and language delays
• Poor performance in one specific area or subject
• Poor reading comprehension
• Difficulty remembering basic math facts
• Difficulty putting their thoughts into writing
• Poor spelling
• Difficulty remembering what he or she has studied
• Poor performance on tests despite the fact that they have studied
• Difficulty finishing work or tests in the allotted time
• Difficulty identifying what information is important when they read or study material
• Difficulty with long-term projects or follow-through
• Poor organization
• Poor attention in class/excessive daydreaming

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