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Image Sawyer Gibson, M.A., LPC-A, NCC

Sawyer’s greatest passion is to walk alongside people as they overcome challenges and celebrate successes. As a recent graduate from Denver Seminary, Sawyer has spent most of her career working with people who have experienced addiction and trauma. Her education and training, paired with her natural thoughtfulness, insight, and attention to detail allows Sawyer to find themes and patterns in a person’s internal life and walk them towards a place of healing and renewal.

Sawyer attended the University of Texas where she studied Educational Psychology. She has always been fascinated by the human mind and curious of peoples stories and backgrounds, why we tick the way we do, how we were each created with such different gifts, struggles, and abilities. After graduating from UT, Sawyer led a gap year program for high school graduates that took her to Colorado, South America, and East Africa. She guided them as they navigated new cultures, challenging internships, and weighty compassion fatigue. Sawyer worked primarily with survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse in Peru and Bolivia. It was here in South America that Sawyer was reminded of her deep love and passion for working with individuals who are deeply hurting and completely lost in their own shame and brokenness. She went on to work for a transitional housing program as an education coordinator in Denver, Colorado for three years, where she worked with families who have been impacted by addiction, trauma, and hopelessness. She was a part of a devoted team of people who served their clients from a trauma informed perspective and holistic approach towards healing and wellness through counseling, education services, housing resources and job readiness training. While working for this organization, Sawyer attended Denver Seminary for her Masters in Clinical and Mental Health. Throughout her training, she worked with adults, adolescents, and children who were diagnosed with specific personality disorders, anxiety and depression, identity issues, and family conflict. Sawyer completed her Masters level training at National Institute for Change, where she worked with court-ordered clients. Sawyer led groups of individuals who had been engaged in domestic violence or were struggling with substance use. She worked primarily from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach, helping clients identity and then reframe their distorted thinking that has led to certain destructive behavior. She also enjoys working from a Gestalt therapy approach as a way of connecting clients to their body and the present moment. Sawyer holds hope for clients when they feel hopeless and provides an environment in which clients learn or re-learn how to believe in themselves, have courage, and fight for positive change in their lives. She is a healthy promoter of self-care in her life as a way to be fully present and attuned to the needs of her clients.

Sawyer enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, any outdoor activity, and most of all quality time with her husband, Phillip, their Bernese Mountain Dog Mowgli, and family and friends. She also enjoys reading historical fiction, healthy competition, and enjoying good food.

“God is not at our back, pushing us along on our journey. God is before us, revealed in the thousands of faces of human beings in the different circumstances of life.” - Gustavo Gutiérrez

“The smaller we come to feel ourselves compared to the mountain, the nearer we come to participating in its greatness.” - Arne Naess

>Areas of Expertise
• Child and Adolescent Counseling • Individual Counseling
>Issues Treated
• Behaviorial Issues • Anxiety • Stress • Depression • Parenting • Weight Issues • Self Esteem Issues • Dating • Women’s Issues
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