Elisha Simpson



Elisha SimpsonB.A.

Front Office Receptionist


Phone Number: +12143632345

Fax Number: +14697165053

Email: therapy@heritagecounseling.net

Elisha Simpson is originally from Beaumont, TX and attended Lamar University majoring in Sociology. She moved to Dallas in 2015 following a great opportunity for her husband and she quickly fell in love with the day to day life of residing in the DFW area. She found herself looking for a career that was rewarding and allowed her the opportunity to still have a work life balance. Elisha was chosen to be the Youth Specialist for Region 3 Child Protective Services while she worked at a homeless shelter in downtown Dallas. In that role Elisha wore many different hats, but none more important than being a mentor and advocate. She had a very rewarding career with aging out foster youth and advocating for policy change and accountability. After working in the demanding field of social work for a few years, she wanted to expand upon her work experience in mental healthcare. Elisha loves cooking for those she loves and her favorite holiday is Christmas. She loves to surround herself with family and friends. In her spare time she loves to journal, read books and or news articles, as well as go on nature hikes with her daughter.

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up so does the evidence of your new identity.”  -James Clear.