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Group Grief Counseling

Group Grief Counseling

Group Grief Counseling

Have you experienced loss in your life and feel that you are struggling to surround yourself with others who understand your pain and your journey? Group counseling can be a powerful microcosm in which one is able to connect, relate, and process with others who are able to meet them where they are in their healing journey. Grief is a challenging process and one that many try to navigate on their own but it can be powerfully healing when done in a safe and nurturing community. Everyone’s grief journey is different and it is important to remember that grief is nonlinear and can ebb and flow.

Heritage Counseling offers Group Grief Counseling for clients currently attending therapeutic services at our practice as well as those who desire to join the group but may be seeking individual counseling services outside of Heritage Counseling. These groups are led in our Dallas, TX location by Emma Hawkins, M.A., LPC 

Our Grief Groups will meet weekly and include 4-14 individuals. An adult grief group will be held on Tuesday evenings and an adolescent grief group will be held on Thursday evenings. The groups will occur for 6 weeks and then take a 2-week break, picking back up for another 6 weeks. 

The group will focus on processing in the following areas: 

  • Psychoeducation on the stages of grief 

  • Processing grief 

  • What healing may look like and how it may be different for everyone 

  • Healing is not forgetting 

Curriculum Schedule: 

Week 1: Feelings and Emotions (Introduction to Group)

Week 2: Loss

Week 3: Living with Grief

Week 4: Ways to Remember

Week 5: Grief Changes Week 6: Celebrate Life and Growth (Possible Termination of Group)

If you would like to get more information on group grief counseling offered at Heritage Counseling, please call 214-363-2345.