About Us

Heritage Counseling & Consulting, P.A. is a premier counseling center focused on the total well-being of our clients and patients. We specialize in meeting the specific and unique needs of each person who enters our practice. We have earned a great reputation of success with individuals, couples, families, and professionals. Our team specializes in a broad spectrum of personal, professional, relational, and emotional issues, with a wide range of treatment styles and treatment modalities. We service a unique demographic of clients and patients and the primary focus of our work is providing specialized care for the specific needs of the people we serve. We have created a practice which reflects shared commitment to integrity, compassion and a collaborative treatment style.

To us, counseling is a means by which individuals, couples, and families are able to explore specific issues and struggles while obtaining the tools to successfully navigate the challenges we all face in life. We often hear people say that seeking counseling means they are weak and unable to manage life on their own. We believe that working with a group of like-minded professionals to address areas of difficulty or discontent allows each of us to become our best selves.

Meet Our Professionals


Heritage Counseling & Consulting exemplifies the highest standard of counseling in the Dallas area. For over a decade we have been dedicated to providing quality care and service to our clientele. Our strengths, both in the therapy room and in the community, have earned us the trust and respect of our clients and a reputation as one of the premier private practices in the Dallas area.