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 Group Therapy

At Heritage Counseling & Consulting we strive to create an environment where you feel completely comfortable talking about your struggles. Group therapy is a form of therapy that aims to help people manage various mental health issues in a group setting with people who share similar struggles. Group therapy is a great option to be able to see that you are not alone in your struggles and that other people can share, provide insight and help from their perspective. There are many advantages to group therapy that include camaraderie, support, growth in self-awareness, accountability, and creating a safe space to explore how you are feeling to name a few. 

Some benefits of in group therapy include:

  • Group therapy validates that people are not alone in their struggles and that other people might struggle with the same issues.

  • Group therapy provides a safe space for people who may be hesitant to discuss their feelings, weaknesses, etc.

  • Group therapy offers an opportunity to both receive and give support. Receiving support from others is part of the bonding that happens in groups, and giving support to others encourages growth and learning.

  • Support from others going through similar struggles allows for support to be given from many different points of view.

  • Group therapy encourages accountability within the group's members when sharing updates on struggles and discussing next steps.

  • Group therapy is typically less expensive than individual therapy.

FAQ About Group Therapy

What is group therapy?  

Group therapy is a form of therapy where people with similar struggles are able to meet, discuss and learn from a licensed therapist. These groups are typically between six and fifteen people, and all information that is shared is kept completely confidential.

Is group therapy better than individual therapy?  

Group therapy may be a better option for some people than individual therapy. If the thought of meeting with a therapist on your own seems too daunting, group therapy provides a safe space where several people can open up and creates an environment that makes sharing personal details more comfortable.

How do I get the most out of group therapy?  

In order to get the most out of group therapy you should be willing to be open and vulnerable with the group. Giving and receiving support are two important parts of group therapy. You may also feel some accountability within the group and it’s an important part of your journey to wellness.