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Gene SightRX

 Gene SightRX

Using your genetic profile to avoid the medication trial and error process will help Dr. Forsythe choose the medication regimen that may be right for you.

GeneSightRx will test patient DNA on three major diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, bi polar disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or chronic pain.

The testing process is simple and the results are fast. Average length of time to obtain results from the GeneSightRx test is about a week.

The DNA is acquired in the office by a painless cheek swab and sent to AssureRx for processing. AssureRx handles and maintains all GeneSightRx results to assure patient medical information is safe and secure. AssureRx is HIPAA (Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability act) and HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act) compliant.

The GeneSightRx test is affordable. Many commercial insurance plans and Medicare reimburse for the GeneSight test. To see if you are eligible for the AssureRx Financial Assistance Program please call 888-496-2391.

To learn more about AssureRx Health's GeneSightRx testing program, see their website:

Pre-Appointment Forms:

Once you have scheduled an appointment with Amanda. Download, Print, and Fill out the forms listed below. Bring the completed forms with you to your first GeneSight appointment:

Watch a short video from the Nation Medical Report about an Assurex Health: