Testing & Assessment Services




At Heritage Counseling & Consulting, we offer a wide range of testing and assessments to ensure accurate treatment plans and additional information for our clients. Having an in-depth understanding of how and why a client is currently behaving and handling life's obstacles can be extremely helpful in laying out customized treatment plans and goals for individuals seeking counseling. 

Types of assessments:

ADHD Assessment

The ADHD Assessments at Heritage are performed by a psychologist and the testing instruments we use consist of both subjective and objective measures of attention and concentration. During the assessment, our psychologist gathers information about you or your child to determine if the criteria for ADHD are met. The ADHD Assessment at Heritage is available for children as young as six (6) years old, adolescents and adults.

Psycho Educational Evaluation

Psycho Educational Evaluations at Heritage are used to diagnose learning disorders, learning differences, highlight areas for growth, and are used to obtain academic accommodations from educational institutions. Evaluations can be done on clients as young as six (6) years old, and common diagnoses may include ADHD, specific learning disorders in reading, math, or writing, dyslexia, and processing speed disorders.

Personality Assessment

The Personality Assessment is performed by a psychologist using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) method. This method is a series of True or False questions used mostly for diagnostic clarification. This test is restricted for clients that are 18 and older at Heritage. 

Career Assessment 

Career assessments can be extremely helpful for someone in High School, College, or young adults who would like some insight as to where their strengths and weaknesses lie. The Career Assessment at Heritage is a test taken online, and then feedback sessions with a clinician to discuss results and next steps. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment 

A full Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluation gives our clients much needed information about several aspects of their child’s functioning including attention and concentration issues, intelligence, achievement level, full scale IQ, communication and socialization. 

If you are interested in any of the tests mentioned above, or would like more information, please give us a call!