Intern Insight - COVID 19

Intern Insight - COVID 19

Topic: Describe how COVID 19 has affected your mental health and/or your educational experience.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on each individual. It not only has affected our systematic way of living, but it has also affected our mental well-being. As human beings, we are made to desire personal connection and a lack of it can deplete us in more ways than one. While the experience of the pandemic is unique to each individual, comfort can be found in knowing that you are not alone in these new challenges.

As a graduate student in a new city, I personally have been exposed to the hardships of being in an isolating environment. Isolation can result in anxious thinking and erratic behavior, or it can serve as an opportunity for growth. I consider myself to be an introvert and I enjoy my time alone. But, once I lost the daily interactions I was accustomed to, I noticed that I became more pessimistic and antisocial. It took a conscious effort in practicing a change of perspective in order to develop new habits and ways of thinking that led to a more positive lifestyle. Reflecting back on this season, I am now able to have an appreciation for the moments I was struggling because it forced me to reevaluate values, habits, and my decision-making process. Now that I have developed these new skills, I feel equipped to overcome any potential challenges. 

The pressure of being a young adult who is making life-altering decisions is enough on its own, but to be a young adult in the midst of a pandemic adds another layer of confusion. According to the CDC, younger Americans reported the highest rates of anxiety and depression symptoms over the course of the pandemic. This statistic has the potential to change by growing young adult’s awareness of the mental health resources that are available. To have someone help you navigate your feelings during this time can be extremely resourceful in developing new coping skills. The Therapy Group of NYC believes that resilience in collaboration with supportive relationships is crucial in fighting symptoms of depression and anxiety. Resilience and genuine connections allows people to adapt to new sources of stress and significant traumatic events. That being said, as a community we need to strive toward raising the awareness of mental health resources in order to combat symptoms of loneliness or depression. 

With the help and support from a trained clinician at Heritage Counseling you can find more joy in living. For more information regarding COVID-19 impact on mental health, see the links below.

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